Where we come from

  • We feel the need of frequently stepping out of our comfort zone and daily routines to explore what truly drives us

  • We are investigating new ways to engage in our communities

  • Initiated by George, Beatrice, Ricardo and Maria

How we travel

  • Virtual meetings

  • Different focus areas every session

  • Active participation and co-creation

  • Reflecting on powerful questions

  • Enabling peer-to-peer coaching

  • Invitation only: bring a guest

  • German or English

  • Open-source and non-profit

Where we go

  • Integrate conscious time for purpose in our daily life

  • Create a community for mutual inspiration and support

  • Be an incubator for purposeful actions

  • Support growth of purpose on a personal, communal or organizational level

Thank you for joining us on this journey

We are looking forward to hear from you

Email us at community@purposeday.org

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